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Cloud Native Capabilities For Your Existing Apps

You don’t have to re-architect your existing applications to get cloud portability, elasticity and resilience.
The appLariat Container Automation Platform transparently delivers these capabilities in three simple steps


Automated Containerization Of Your Existing Apps

Say goodbye to managing Dockerfiles and Docker Compose files

Cargo ship

Policy-based Control Of Kubernetes

App deployment termination, scale up/down, etc. at your fingertips

The last piece of jigsaw puzzle concept for solution and completion

complete solution for new and existing apps

Containerize, deploy and manage apps from dev to production

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appLariat Solves The Two Main App Container Challenges


"Containerizing" an existing app is hard

  • appLariat provides a simple wizard-like interface for moving your existing application to containers
  • Select from our robust library of application components, import your own images, or even automatically convert your existing Chef, Puppet or Ansible scripts to images
  • Specify component interconnections
  • Associate code, configuration and data artifacts to components
  • appLariat automatically creates a container model of your application ready to deploy

Deploying and Managing Kubernetes is hard

  • appLariat allows you to select popular public clouds (e.g., Amazon, Azure, Google) or your vSphere environment
  • You provide credentials and the size you'd like for your cluster
  • appLariat automatically deploys and configures a Kubernetes container runtime
  • appLariat automatically monitors your cluster's capacity and provides complete policy-based management
  • You have a modern Kubernetes container runtime ready to deploy and scale your newly "containerized" applications

Moving Apps To Containers Can Be A Bit Rough

But it may be the best way to get cloud native capabilities for your existing applications

Why appLariat?

Makes container technology invisible

Reduces cloud infrastructure costs 30-50%

Speeds the Dev to Ops transition

Works with your existing tools and processes

Rapid application release cycles

Enforces IT compliance policies

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