appLariat provides the industry’s only AI-based Application Delivery-as-a-Service Platform that makes enterprise applications cloud native and delivers them, on-demand and fully optimized, to any cloud, for any purpose. Enterprise customers select appLariat to automate containerization, deployment and ongoing management of their applications and modern application runtimes (e.g., Kubernetes), across private, public and hybrid cloud environments. appLariat provides powerful policy control capabilities to ensure enterprise-class governance, compliance and security. With appLariat, customers reduce their cloud infrastructure costs by up to 50% through efficient management of application deployments throughout the development lifecycle. With appLariat's proprietary AI-based performance optimization, production applications and clusters are properly configured to meet SLAs in any cloud. appLariat allows enterprises to deliver applications and services at the speed of market change, transforming IT into a strategic business enabler and competitive advantage.

Executive Team


Mazda Marvasti

CEO and Co-Founder

Steve Henning

CMO and Co-Founder

Wayne Watson

CTO and Co-Founder


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