AppLariat Provides On-the-fly Container Reconfiguration

You want to be able to deliver your application in multiple different platforms, on-prem or on a public cloud. You might want to deliver your application as a managed service, where it runs on the customer’s cloud or the customer’s portion of the public cloud. Your sales team wants to do a demo, but it’s […]

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Containers Pushing the Enterprise Toward Cloud-Native Services

Container technology is making a swift run at the enterprise as developers try to iron out the wrinkles in creating web-facing applications using traditional data infrastructure. The one thing lacking, however, is an effective means to manage containerized services and microservices as they navigate the complex internal and external resource architectures in distributed data environments. […]

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Perks of containerizing legacy apps: Come for cloud capabilities, stay for cost savings

The debate over whether legacy applications should go into containers is on, with some saying virtual machines are a better fit than the more modular method of containing software. Others argue that businesses benefit from containerizing all applications in ways they many not yet expect. Managed service provider KMicro Tech Inc. was tasked with modernizing […]

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Creating an environment to manage cloud application development

Using applications from the cloud is easy. Putting applications on the cloud, not so much. Many business applications require custom setups, and they communicate with other programs that demand their own special resources. Developing ways to more easily move applications to the cloud is a growing business opportunity in the enterprise. However, the best solution […]

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Leveraging container orchestration for easier app deployment

Deploying or managing software applications can be a challenge for many IT departments across the enterprise who are trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technology. As organizations move business apps to the cloud, usually employing hybrid solutions, they seek quick, reliable and consistent methods of deployment regardless of existing infrastructure. Container technologies […]

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Can containers even the score in cloud-native vs. non-native app tools?

Startups advertise themselves as cloud-native, because the term translates to agility and scalability in sync with the new cloud infrastructure enterprises are moving toward. This leaves non-cloud-native companies at a disadvantage, according to Mazda Marvasti, chief executive officer of appLariat Corp. “They’re able to hire these software artisans who can handcraft an application,” Marvasti said […]

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DockerCon 2017 Q&A: appLariat Launches New Container Automation Platform at the Show

VMblog: Will this be your first DockerCon event as a sponsor? appLariat: Yes, this is our first time and this is our company and product launch. VMblog: Congrats on the coming launch! How many of your team will be attending? appLariat: We have a Silver sponsorship, so we’ll have a 10×10 booth at the show […]

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March Capital Partners Launches with Inaugural $240M Fund

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March Capital Partners, founded by Jim Armstrong, Sumant Mandal, Gregory Milken and Jamie Montgomery, announced today the final close of its first fund, totaling $240 million. The new Southern California fund has a global focus and is the largest first-time venture fund to launch in the region. March Capital invests in both […]

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